Writing 101: Things I Like

Photo by Jess Bressler

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), during which aspiring authors work towards the goal of a 50,000-word novel. Who’s in?

Not me. But I have enrolled in a Blogging U. course called Writing 101 with the goal of writing every day. Some days I will post my (unrevised, unedited) work and other days I will spare you.

Today, my assignment was to write a list of “things I like”:

  • corner brownies
  • people who say “thank you” to the driver when they step off the bus
  • dresses with pockets
  • the way my husband cocks his head and taps a surface with his middle finger to determine its composition
  • riding my bike uphillLIKE
  • the taste of baked raisins on a gingerbread man
  • the way my lips rest in the hollow between my dog’s eyes when I kiss him there
  • being the first one in the gym in the mornings so I can choose the Pandora station
  • ticking a task off a list
  • saying “ticking a task”
  • the ease of typing with freshly cut fingernails
  • firm handshakes
  • etymology
  • the satisfaction of finding something in its place
  • stretching, especially my Achilles tendons and calves
  • discovering discarded issues of the NYT and WSJ at the gym
  • diet peach Snapple diluted with ⅓ water and a few ice cubes
  • the cello solo in Kansas’s “Dust In the Wind”
  • surprising people (“surprising” is used as a verb here)
  • deep purple
  • purging my closets and dresser and organizing what’s left
  • scoring with a parallel play on Words With Friends
  • cognates
  • the satisfaction I feel when I yell out the correct answer before the caller on NPR’s “Sunday Puzzle”
  • sleeping outside, on the ground
  • word play
  • nailing a flip turn in the pool
  • “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me”
  • breakfast – anytime – and especially at a restaurant
  • comments on my blog posts 🙂

Now it’s your turn. Reply below with a list of things YOU like. Bonus if you include a “like” from my list that we share!

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  1. NavigableWorld says:

    TYPING WITH FRESHLY CUT FINGERNAILS! So much yes. Here are some of mine 🙂 –

    Animals of every color, shape, & size.
    Tracking USPS shipments like a madwoman when I’m expecting a delivery.
    Music. Creating it, playing it, listening to it, researching it.
    The Atlantic Ocean.
    Winter in Florida.
    Driving alone.
    Binge-watching Sons of Anarchy.
    Riding my beautiful single-speed bike, which I have decided I will call “Venice”.
    New clothes that fit just right.
    How Aveda products smell.
    Dancing at weddings.
    A good cry.
    Discovering a new artist that I instantly love.
    Pens that write nicely.
    How caffeine makes me feel.
    NYX Makeup.
    Living & dying by my day-planner.
    The way sunlight feels on your skin when it’s cold outside.
    Traveler’s rush.
    Flowers; getting them, giving them.
    Cause Marketing.
    Frank Ocean’s analogies.
    The healthcare field.
    Feeling limitless.
    A good night’s sleep.
    Coloring in my “Secret Garden” book.
    Waking up to Bentley on top of my legs and Tyler’s arms around me.
    Finding the perfect gift.
    Ice -cold water with sliced limes.
    Good grammar.
    Designing & wearing Origami Owl.
    Peppermint LifeSavers.
    Being a loud & proud FAU alumni.
    Rubbing my eyes after taking off my makeup.
    Paying off debt.
    Volunteering for a good cause.
    Relevant, hard-hitting quotes.
    Tory Burch everything.
    Hiking trails.
    Smoothies for breakfast.
    Freshly shaved skin.
    Original baby names.
    Seeing 100% on my iPhone.

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  2. Ah — I love these! Especially ones like this:

    people who say “thank you” to the driver when they step off the bus

    They’re seemingly random, and yet when I read them on a stranger’s list, it makes me smile. I love to see all these little things that we all have in common.

    Great list!

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  3. Cathy says:

    Love your list! Here’s mine:

    *Crossing things off my to do list (really more of a LOVE than a like)
    *Games, especially word games
    *Defeating my youngest brother at a game of Words with Friends
    *Spontaneously creating new nicknames for my dogs (Miss Barkalot, my current favorite)
    *Mornings when my only alarm is the tickle of my dog’s breath on my face.
    *The easy laughter of old friends as we share a good meal
    *Walking through autumn leaves and taking in the amazing aroma
    *Cheering for the NY Jets even though they make it so hard most of the time
    *The sound of the high school band floating in the air to my house during Friday night football games
    *Taking up the challenge of learning something new
    *Binge watching House of Cards
    *The sound of rain on a metal roof
    *The occasional rainy day with no reason to leave the house
    *Old Time Rock and Roll

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  4. megan says:

    I love this exercise!!! We have so many in common it would bore your readers to read them all (again). Just suffice it to say that we are practically twins ; ).

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  5. jzb says:

    the sunlight through the fall colored leaves
    watching leaves fall
    when strangers smile back at me
    the feel of rough fabric on my finger tips
    happy dogs (posey smiles, amp groans)
    passaflora vines
    white sunlight
    rivers, streams, waterfalls, and the vastness of the ocean
    the smell of rain
    the smell of forest
    the smell of eucalyptus
    a brush on my scalp
    long hot showers
    taking naps outside
    seeing an old friend after years, and the feeling that it doesn’t matter how long it’s been
    getting into clean sheets and a made bed after a shower
    when my mind goes blank
    waking myself up by laughing
    making things
    being proud of myself
    actually finishing a to do list
    my husbands earlobes
    wind+sunlight+water (any combination from outdoor shower to motorboating)
    inside jokes of which I am a part
    organizing stuff
    dancing crazy
    when my mind gives me a break
    when my body cooperates
    visual information design
    power tools
    the various textures of bark
    well constructed sentences
    movies that can make me laugh while I am crying
    and 10 of the things you mentioned

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  6. Chelsea says:

    There is no doubt I could have guessed a few of these “likes” that were going to be on your list! For one, ticking a task off a list. I can also hear you say, “Ticking a task,” with your perfect pronunciation! I knew you liked corner brownies. My mother and I gave you a visit at your home off Iris, you baked us black bean brownies, and we all agreed that our favorite bites to eat were the corners. We both love dresses with pockets, breakfast anytime, and firm handshakes.

    Here’s mine:

    Radio intuition (when I know I’m going to hear a song just before it starts to play)
    the quietness of my trailer when it’s blanketed in snow
    everything Junie says
    the sound from chopping vegetables
    manual transmissions
    smiles from customers
    all 3 of my castiron pans
    being the only one on the trail
    mountain driving
    soil on my hands from the garden
    walking barefoot
    the vastness of the desert
    cooking my own meals
    podcasts: RadioLab, This American Life, Strangers
    Chilean wine
    solo roadtrips
    my side of the bed
    every song my dad played
    talks with my mother
    when my coffee is made by someone else
    being without the concern of my phone
    the passion of salsa dancing
    reading Elena’s blogs


    1. elenahershey says:

      I’m not surprised we share so many likes. My top two from your list? Bacon and talks with your mother! Thanks for playing along, Chelsea.


  7. We share the following likes:
    -corner brownies
    -people who say “thank you” to the bus driver when they step off the bus
    My daughter, Rachel, does this religiously and my heart skips a beat when
    I get to hear her say it while we’re talking on the phone.
    -ticking a task off a list
    -firm handshakes
    -the satisfaction of finding something in its place
    -deep purple
    -purging my closets and dresser and organizing what’s left

    Here are my own:
    -coffee, especially when it’s made by someone else
    -walking as many miles outside as possible in Vibram five-finger shoes
    -all that is Juniper (my granddaughter)
    -freshly laundered sheets
    -handmade things
    -remembering to do my calf stretches
    -the Colorado sky
    -a new bar of French-milled soap
    -a meal cooked by someone else
    -the CU Faculty Jazz Band
    -digging with bare hands in sun-drenched garden soil
    -capturing a great photo with my iPhone camera
    -grass fed butter, on almost anything
    -sleeping on the floor
    -good friends
    -writing in cursive
    -the scent of a newborn baby’s head
    -the first spoonful of softened McConnell’s Turkish Coffee Ice Cream
    -feeling warm grass under my bare feet
    -handwritten thank you cards sent by mail
    -freshly vacuumed carpeting
    -proper grammar
    -heartfelt hugs
    -hearing Elena Hershey say “Costco”
    -finding a strawberry in my garden that a critter hasn’t nibbled
    -“Love Actually”
    -not killing my houseplants
    -being friends with my grown children
    -the fact that I finally got to this list


  8. jpinneo says:

    I love this and am inspired to make a list. Elena you inspire!


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