Brontë v. Burroughs: Leaps, Looks, and Nets


Total read time: <1 minute

In the wilderness of risk-taking, I’ve always pitched my tent in the Brontë camp. In fact, “look twice” is an understatement; I scan, scrutinize, and dissect all options and possible outcomes in every direction when considering any decision, especially one with even a whiff of risk. It’s exhausting.

So in honor of Leap Day (and because trusting the universe HAS to be a better way to live than depleting my reserves by imagining all possible lamentable outcomes of making the “wrong” choice), I make this public vow to lean away from Brontë and join Burroughs around his campfire. I even have a marshmallow at the ready for roasting, the details of which I will reveal in a later post; watch this space for further developments.

In the meantime, I ask myself: What’s the worst best that can happen?




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  1. Suzy Hershey says:

    Sister, I feel your pain! I’m definitely in the Bronte camp, big time.

    Can’t wait for the reveal!


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  2. Chelsea says:

    This one-minute read has sparked a lot of thought on my end. My decision-making process seems be quite erratic and I teeter between over-thinking and over-analyzing til I should be checked into a ward, or I end up blindfolding myself and leaping into a mess I have to climb out of. Most of my decision-making traverses the extremes and I can never seem to find that happy middle ground. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s just a product of being 26 years old.


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